Fa Chi Hill

Koh Fa ChiFa Chi Hill (Khao Fa Chi) is so named because its dome shape resembles ‘Fa Chi’ – a traditional Thai food cover. It affords not only interesting historical site, but also a great vantage point from which to see the 2 rivers Kra Buri and the La-un converge, it is located off Highway 4 in Tambon Bang Kaew. To reach Fa Chi hill turn left at kilometer 580 onto the paved road that has the sign Khao Fa Chi Communications Center posted on it, and continue for three kilometers.

Two kilometers further, near the bridge which crosses the La-un River, lie the  remains of a Japanese military base complete with a warship wrecks, underground tunnels and also the remains of a railway line. Japanese soldiers used this area as a port of sending support to Burma.





Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand