Tinidee Hotel@Ranong

Tinidee Hotel@Ranong, is located in the commercial district of the city of Ranong, in southwest Thailand.

Close to attractions such as Laemson National Park, Nai Khai Ranong, and Victoria Point in Myanmar, the Tinidee Hotel@Ranong is just 30 minutes’ drive from Ranong Airport, and a one-hour flight from Bangkok.

Ranong is located on the Kra Isthmus, the narrow strip that connects mainland Thailand with the Malay Peninsula, on the west side of the Phuket mountain range. The province is particularly noted as the home of the Ranong Biosphere Reserve and was declared as Thailand’s Fourth Biosphere Reserve in 1997. There are many natural attractions in the city :

Ranong Canyon, 9 km drive up into the mountains above the hot springs. A landscape of jagged rock and deep water pools that are the lasting legacy of Ranong tin-mining days. The luminous green colour of tin mine pools against the backdrop of luscious greenery are favourite spots for family picnics.

Namtok Ngao Water Fall, 12 km south of Ranong town. The stream cascades from a high mountain and can be seen from a distance. The jungle area around the falls is home to a rare species of freshwater crab.

Victoria Point, a small town across the border in Myanmar that is accessible by boat from the Ranong Landing at the mouth of Kra Buri River.


Ranong Description

Situated near Thailand’s border with Myanmar, Ranong is a fine example of unspoilt natural beauty and traditional Thai culture. The Tinidee Hotel@Ranong, Ranong offers a peaceful location in the heart of Ranong, perfect for exploring the mountain ranges and lush rainforest that surrounds the town, while being close to the many attractions the area has to offer.

The natural wonders of Ranong make it hard to believe that the area is not filled with clicking cameras and packed tour buses. From the Tinidee Hotel@Ranong, hotel guests are only a short distance from Laemson National Park, featuring 60 kilometres of scenic coastline, and the island of Koh Phayam, where long white sand beaches and clear blue waters provide a perfect opportunity to escape.

Ranong’s history is easy to discover from the Tinidee Hotel@Ranong. Guests will find Nai Khai Ranong, the historic former residence of the first governor of Ranong, the World War II Japanese army base at Fa Chi Hill, and the hilltop temple of Wat Bangnon, all close to the hotel. A unique insight into Ranong’s culture can be found by taking a walk from theTinidee Hotel@Ranong to Ranong’s fishing pier, where the Kraburi River meets the Andaman Sea. Each morning the pier is filled with fishing boats loading and unloading their catch.

While Ranong is a place of secluded beauty, guests at the Tinidee Hotel@Ranong will never be short of something to do. Nearby Koh Song (or Victoria Point) offers a range of shopping options not far from the hotel, while the Rattanarangsarn Camp Golf Course provides a scenic course on which to tee off.

Ranong Attractions Close to the Hotel

  • Laemson National Park
  • Wat Bangnon
  • Nai Khai Ranong, the First Governor of Ranong’s Mausoleum
  • Historical Places of Interest

Historical Places of Interest
Nai Khai Ranong / First Governor of Ranong Mausoleum
Nai Khai Ranong, or the first governor’s former residence transformed into a shrine to honor the Khaw or Na Ranong family, who played an important role in the development of the tin industry in Ranong and Phuket. With a collection of mementos and ancestral figurines carved with the names of the deceased, the shrine is much respected by the local people of Ranong, in honour of Khaw Soo Cheang and his descendants.

Wat Bangnon
Hilltop temple, marked with the beautiful giant reclining Buddha image along the Phetkasem Road called ‘Wat Bangnon’. Though conveniently located by the roadside, the temple is rarely visited by tourists, and has yet to be promoted as a tourist attraction.

Cultural Attractions
Fishing Pier
A lively place where you can take a glimpse of the sea-faring life of Ranong. If you want to experience fisherman’s way of life, better get up early and go to Pak Nam Ranong or Fishing Pier. Here is where the Kraburi River meets Andaman Sea. Early in the morning, the pier is lively with boats loading and unloading their catch, then daily landed and auctioned here at the fish market. Fishermen and merchants bargain for fish, and trucks transport fresh seafood to various places.


Rattanarangsarn Camp Golf Course
Rattanarangsarn Camp Golf Course is a small but fully equipped golf course. This nine-hole course is in the area of army camp, but is open to the public. The scenic course is located on hilly ground, with several slopes to challenge golfers. Climbing uphill, you will be impressed with beautiful mountainous scenery. To reach the golf course, drive on Phetkasem Road (Highway No 4). Rattanarangsarn Camp Golf Course is opposite the Airport, adjacent to the Rattanarangsarn Military Camp.